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Helping Out-Of-Town Children Sell Parent’s Home

In today’s world, most of us do not live close to our parents. Over the past several years, Parkside Realty has helped many out-of-town children sell their parents’ home, whether the parents are in the home or deceased. We are all “mature” agents sensitive to the stress of clearing out memories and preparing to sell homes that have been lived in for many, many years. We have people working with us who can take care of any deferred maintenance and get the home ready to be put on the market. With Parkside’s added staging, we can cut your selling time and get top price. I wish I would have had someone to take over for us when we sold my parents’ home in Florida. My siblings and our spouses went down there for a week and did what we could. We ended up selling the house for way below its current value because we ran out of time and expertise.

Home Staging

Home staging uses limited funds to maximize profits on the sale of a home in the shortest time. Parkside Realty has been staging homes for over 25 years. With our present marketing conditions, staging is no longer an option but has become a necessity.

Buyers have a vast array of houses to choose from and will pick the house that looks the best in any given price range.

At Parkside Realty, we start with the philosophy of declutter, depersonalize, and detach. Our professional designers are with you step-by-step during the process. We make what might seem like an impossible job into a very do-able task.

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